At Computer Ally, we understand how a nonprofit works. With over 15 years experience in nonprofit organizations we have helped dozens of agencies maintain and manage their infrastructure. We have a deep knowledge with all the severe discounts offered by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and more. It is our low overhead that allows us to come and serve your nonprofit in a way that is cost effective, time sensitive and never dishonest. Our annual contracts are very popular with nonprofits since it helps minimize overhead and surprise charges to allow for annual budgeting for IT services. All work is buried into the contract and the client can never be charged for more.

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Our annual contracts cover monthly maintenance and visits as needed. Phone support, desktop support and remote support are all covered under the annual contract.

We offer a large selection of refurbished computers and laptops that all come with a 1 year warranty. All refurbished computers and laptops come with brand new hard drives to ensure that your data is protected like a brand new system. We also offer offsite and onsite backup solutions that are extremely reliable and very affordable. We try to keep your computers and network simple yet protected without compromising security or data integrity.

Services we offer to your nonprofit:

  • Annual Contracts for IT management
  • Web services
  • Email services
  • Backup solutions
  • Grant support for building IT grants

Call us today to see how we can start serving you and saving you money while offering the latest in cutting edge technology without breaking budget.

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