IT Services

Since its inception, Computer Ally has been a top Information and Technology (IT) Services Company. Through years of experience we have developed strategies of building networks, computers and systems that cater to and enhance your business operations. We will service and maintain your networks and keep them performing their best.

Besides our IT services, we offer Offsite Backup Solutions, Database Solutions, Recycling Services, and Managed Print Services.

Additionally, our specialization is in small and medium businesses, which allows us to provide a better support experience at a nominal cost. Startups and nonprofits should especially look at the specific services we can offer as we have worked with many of both types of businesses.

We strongly believe that education is the answer most things and bring this philosophy to our business and to our customers. At Computer Ally, we pride ourselves on providing multiple points of contact and constant communication with our clients. No matter when you call, someone will be ready and willing to respond. Although some networks require more attention than others, we provide the same level of service and expertise to all of our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of their network.

Let us become your expert team and your Computer Ally!


Offsite Backup Solutions

At Computer Ally we have several solutions that can help backup your data offsite in a safe, secure and automated way. Some insurance companies now mandate that your data be backed up offsite- especially financial information. This is where cloud services can help. We offer some simple and affordable solutions by some of the biggest names in the industry. We can set up a very simple solution that can backup your data either daily or weekly. Our offsite backup solutions can selectively backup your data or blanket backup your entire server.


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Database Solutions

The majority of online apps save information as an organized collection of data also known as a databases. From simple login interfaces to applications as immense as Facebook, databases are used to store data. As applications grow periodic maintenance will be required to keep databases tuned and working as efficiently as possible. Here are Computer Ally, we focus on multiple database management systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite.
We provide the following services:

  • Backup/Restore
  • Tuning
  • Migrations
  • Maintenance


Recycling Services

We providing recycling services for your business. We have teamed up with several companies to help you recycle your equipment in ways that can be free, offer a tax break or low cost pickup services.


Recycle Computers 4 Cancer donates all proceeds to help Cancer patients and their families through the SMCAC (Scientific & Medical Coalition Against Cancer). This non-profit organization can arrange pick up and even offers HIPAA Compliant On-Site Hard Drive Data Destruction. Please consider this as an alternative to selling used equipment since all proceeds go towards cancer research.


Managed Print Services

Computer Ally Inc. is proud to have teamed up with Document Technologies to offer our customers amazing Xerox products to customers in the South Shore and greater Boston area. Xerox is a world leader in copiers and printers and the professionals at Document Technologies will evaluate your office needs in a hassle-free and friendly way.

If you are using inkjet based printers and are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on ink cartridges, a Xerox machine could save you thousands a year. Not only do you reduce your annual printing budget, you gain faster print speeds as well as other benefits like network scanning, scan to email and fax to email. These alone could save you hundreds in printing costs. Call us today for a free assessment or call the professionals at Document Technologies and mention that we sent you there!

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